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Center for Infectious Disease Research

The Center for Infectious Disease Research is dedicated to having a better understanding of pathogenesis of infectious agents. The purpose is to investigate biological characteristics of pathogens as well as to treat and prevent infectious diseases by conducting research and shaping national research agenda on viral, bacterial and emerging & vector-borne diseases, antimicrobial resistance, vaccines and pathogen resource banks.

Target Diseases and Pathogens

  • Enteric infection (bacterial and viral)
  • Respiratory infection (bacterial andviral)
  • Influenza (human, avian, and novel)
  • Tuberculosis, antibioticresistant microorganisms
  • High-risk pathogens


  • Research/national reference laboratories
  • Vaccine development for notable or emerging infectious diseases
  • Collection and management of pathogens or sequence resources


       Division of Viral Disease Research
  • Research on influenza including avian influenza human infection
  • Research on measles and respiratory viral diseases, including acute respiratory syndrome
  • Research on AIDS and HIV
  • Research on sexually transmitted viral diseases
  • Research on retrovirus and viral hepatitis
  • Research on enteric viral diseases
  • Development of diagnostics and therapeutics for enteric, respiratory and chronic infectious diseases

      Division of Bacterial Disease Research
        Division of Bacterial Disease Research conducts research on bacterial pathogens causing:
  • enteric bacterial infections
  • respiratory infections including tuberculosis
  • zoonoses and vector-borne diseases
  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • toxigenic bacterial infections

      Division of Emerging Infectious Disease and Vector Research
  • Research on the infection control of new emerging viruses and vector-borne viruses
  • Research on diagnosis, therapy and vaccine of high risk hemorrhagic fever viruses
  • Research on international cooperation of new emerging viruses and arbovirus
  • Research on unknown infectious diseases

     Division of Antimicrobial Resistance
  • Research on antimicrobial resistance
  • Research on healthcare-associated pathogens
  • Research on pathogenic fungal infections
  • Research on antiviral- and antifungal-drug resistance
  • Support development and evaluation of antimicrobial agents for treatments

     Division of Vaccine Research
  • Estastablishment of Korea Vaccine Research Center
  • Support for development of public vaccines
  • Improvement and development of vaccines for national major infectious diseases
  • Designing of novel vaccine approaches such as new delivery systems