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02 Bureau Plan &

Plan & Coordination, Strategic Planning for Emerging Infectious Diseases ,Office of Communication

Bureau Plan & Coordination table - divistion of, objective
Division of Objective
Plan & Coordination
  • Oversee the policy and plan and establish and ensure the control of annual task plans
  • Perform human resource and organization management of KCDC
  • Draw up task reports and manage performance
  • Government affairs, budget, and policy amendments
  • Takecharge of Mid-long term finance management such as operation plan for government fund of KCDC
  • Take charge of compilation, operation, and settlement of budget obtained from national health promotion fund of KCDC
  • Ensure IT security, privacy protection, and cyber safety
  • Operate KCDC computer center and utilize smart office equipment
  • Control network of KCDC and affiliated organizations
  • Support Government 3.0 and big data projects
  • Undertake other matters not under the direct supervision of other bureau
Strategic Planning for Emerging Diseases
  • Comprehensive and strategic planning for emerging diseases and health issue
  • Strategic plans to monitor the health effects of climate change and strengthen response and preparedness to climate change
    - Implement surveillance and analysis of the effects on health due to extreme temperatures
      (i.e., heat and cold-related illnesses)
    - Develop guidelines and promote ways to lower or prevent exposure to air pollution
      (Particulate matter, PM) among high-risk groups
    - Monitor and assess the health-related effects of climate change
  • Publish and distribute the Public Health Weekly Report (PHWR)
Office of Communication
  • Establish promotional plan of major tasks in KCDC
  • Perform communication in the emergence of infectious diseases
  • Manage public announcement of internal and external policies and support briefings of KCDC
  • Manage various information associated with KCDC
  • Consult and support promotional activities, advertisements, etc. of KCDC
  • Operate KCDC call center, information portal, and website
  • Manage promotional activities and evaluate performance of KCDC
  • Oversee, review, and evaluate social media communication of KCDC
  • Operate KCDC call center