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I am Jung Eun-Kyeong, Director of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. Thank you for visiting the website of KCDC. We will spare no efforts to help build a healthier society by eradicating diseases. To this end, we will continue to heed your calls and work harder to grow as a more respected agency.

The world today is witnessing an ever-increasing range of global health threats such as chronic diseases, new infectious diseases, bioterrorism, etc. Also, the public is increasingly demanding that the government come up with fundamental solutions to address such global health threats.

Accordingly, the public’s expectations are growing for the government’s crucial role in that matter. With this in mind, KCDC is committed to providing the most trusted level of protection against the crises of infectious diseases by taking advantage of a wealth of experience and capability.

Korea has a 70-year history in disease quarantine as Jo-Seon Quarantine Laboratory was established in 1945 after the Korean peninsula recovered its lost sovereignty from Japan. KCDC relocated to Osong Health Technology Administration Complex (OHTAC) in 2011 to prepare for another rapid growth in a new era. Since its creation in 2004, KCDC has been leading the nation’s disease research for responding to future environmental changes such as climate change. KCDC has also been taking the lead in building the database of national-level biomedical science knowledge. In addition, we are making the primary contributions to the advancement of the world’s health research through close international cooperation and exchanges.

KCDC has recently made significant progress in its advancement: (a) establishment of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), a central control tower to respond to infectious disease emergencies, and (b) enhancement of international cooperation and intelligence capacity. Also, we are making the utmost effort to prevent and control the risk and spread of infection at an early stage of infectious disease outbreaks by providing, immediately and consistently, the most trusted relevant information.

I pledge to you that we, KCDC, will faithfully carry out our role as a central control tower for a stronger defense against disease threats. We will make unwavering efforts to grow further as a central agency for disease control and prevention by enhancing international coordination and surveillance, analysis capacity, epidemiological surveys, and quarantine functions.

We will continue to give our all to prepare for and respond to infectious disease threats to make Korea a lot safer.
Thank you.