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About KDCA

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KDCA leads the way in shaping a safer and healthier future

We serve the public

Protect Korea from

We seek changes

Make the health system
and habits healtheir

We lead creation

Creative knowledge for
disease control

We seek ultimate
value for the public

Human-centered KDCA
seeking ultimate value
for the public


2020 5Star+

5Star refers to five major goals that KDCA aims to achieve by 2020, and plus(+)
refers to special support to build a support system for such goals.



Strengthen emergency response capabilties


Seek integrated research


Keep the nation safe from
disease threats

Standard & Infrastructure

Standard biomedical research data and
build a relevant infrastructure

Survey, Sureillance & Service

Promote a survey and surveillance
of diseases

Improve an internal operating system



Keep Korea secure from disease threats by strengthening public health emergency response capacity
  • Operate an exhaustive reponse system for new infectious diseases


Keep Korean society safe and secure from disease threats
  • Implement the government-subsidized childhood immunization program with no interruptions
  • Eradicate tuberculosis more common in low-income countries earlier
  • Control the spread of AIDS and improve the life quality of AIDS patients
  • Strengthen the project for preventing and managing sexually transmitted diseases
  • Increase the government’s medical subsidies for patients with rare and intractable diseases
  • Raise public awareness for organ donation and encourage people to get involved

Surveillance &

Promote a survey and surveillance of acute and chronic diseases as well as provide relevant information
  • Strengthen the operation of the national infectious disease surveillance system
  • Strengthen diagonostic capacity for and laboratory surveillance of infectious diseases
  • Advance the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHANES) and the chronic disease surveillance system
  • Develop an evidence-based project for preventing and managing chronic diseases and build a system for distributing relevant guidelines
  • Improve management system to provide customer-oriented health information
  • Improve the Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP)

Standard &

Bulid and infrastructure of science for leading the standardization of Korea’s biomedical science as well as for promoting research
  • Standardize biomedical science laboratories
  • Bulid and operate a cohort of Korean subjects, an integral part of the nation’s research infrastructure
  • Collect, manage, and standardize human bioresources
  • Build a foundation for managing biomedical science knowledge
  • Build a platform for analyzing biomedical science information


Pursue integrated research for leading biomedical science (TOP 5 GREEN)
  • Conduct research on Korean epigenome
  • Conduct research on stem cells to treat rare and intractable diseases
  • Develop advanced vaccines for national emergencies
  • Investigate climate change-related infectious diseases
  • Conduct integrated research to prevent and manage chronic diseases associated with aging
  • Operate a system for managing research results obtained through the entire infectious disease R&D cycle


Improve an internal operating system for supporting the ‘2020 5STAR+’ Plan
  • Promote the Great Work Place (GWP) movement to increase trust between members
  • Improve KDCA’s organizational culture to maximize work performance in Osong
  • Establish an organizational system for responding to and ever-changing environment