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Korea-China CDC MOU Signing and Policy Dialogue
  • Date2019-08-05 11:05
  • Update2019-08-05 11:20
  • Division위기분석국제협력과
  • Tel043-719-7560

  • Date and Location: July 16-17, 2019 at Beijing, China

  • The Korea Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (KCDC) and the China Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CCDC) held a policy dialogue on emerging infectious disease response and laboratory network collaboration, followed by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two agencies. 

  • Through the MOU signing and policy dialogue, KCDC and CDC outlined plans for establishing a system for close, efficient collaboration in infectious disease prevention and control.

  • KCDC Director General Dr. Jeong Eun-kyeong called for close monitoring of infectious disease outbreak patterns and risk assessment of the likelihood of their domestic importation, especially when considering that China has been experiencing ongoing cases of SARS, AI, and other emerging infectious and is highly engaged in overseas exchange. Dr. Jeong also emphasized the crucial need for a collaborative system for joint response to public health emergencies.

  • CCDC Director General Dr. Gao Fu highlighted China and the Republic of Korea’s close cooperation over the past 10 years in preparing for and responding to the threats of similar emerging infectious diseases. As a result, the two countries have built a foundation of trust and strengthened capacities for infectious disease prevention and control. Dr. Fu shared his hopes for stronger ties between the two countries in establishing an efficient cooperative system for infectious disease prevention and control.

<Policy Dialogue>

        O Exchange information on and cooperate in responding to emerging infectious diseases

          - Share information on AI human infectious response (standard prevention and operations manuals, case updates, etc.)

          - Establish a focal point-based communication system

          - Share epidemiological and surveillance data on infectious disease

        O Establish a collaborative laboratory network for emerging infectious diseases

          - Establish a system for the testing and analysis of emerging infectious diseases and research and development of relevant vaccines and treatments

          - Hold expert-level meetings and joint workshops

          - Organize human and technical resource exchange programs and short-term, joint research projects


<MOU Signing> (Signed by the respective Director Generals of the KCDC and CCDC)

        O Areas of Cooperation

          - Monitoring, prevention, and control of infectious diseases

          - Emergency preparedness and response and health security

          - Monitoring, prevention, and control of NCDs

          - Sharing and exchange of epidemiological information and laboratory technology

          - Supporting joint research and innovation projects

          - Fostering expert human resources in public health

          - Strengthening capacities for public health at the international level by collaborating in other countries

          - Other areas of mutual interest as agreed upon by both parties

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