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The Updates of COVID-19(Feb.23) in Korea
  • Date2020-02-23 17:13
  • Update2020-02-23 17:13
  • DivisionDivision of Risk Assessment and International Cooperation
  • Tel043-719-7553
  • 10,377


Compared to yesterday afternoon (16:00, 22 February, 2020), 210 additional cases are confirmed, which brings the total number of confirmed cases to 556. 534 confirmed cases are currently in isolation, 16,038 turned out to be negative, and 6,039 are being tested.


309 cases out of 556 the total number of confirmed cases(55.6%) fall into Shincheonenji cluster.


(since 3 January)


Confirmed cases

Suspected cases








being tested

tested negative

As of 9:00, 22 Feb.









As of 9:00, 23 Feb.



















* The 443th case : A Korean male, born in 1979, tested positive at Gyeongju, Kyeongbuk province, the cause of death(date: Feb. 22) is under investigation

   The 54th case : A Korean male, born in 1963, case confirmed from Cheongdo Daenam hospital. the cause of death(date: Feb. 23) is under investigation


Here is the interim epidemiological investigation based on area distribution(Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Gyeongbuk-province) of the newly confirmed cases.


In Seoul, an investigation is underway around the Eunpyeong St. Mary hospital. So far, two cases* have been confirmed at the hospital.

* The 161th case: a Korean male, born in 1985 / The 365th case : a Korean male, born in 1958


- The 161th case developed fever and cough from February 2. 302 contacts of confirmed case have been found. 75 out of 302 are isolated at hospital and the rest of them are self-quarantined.


- The 365th case developed fever and headache from February 2. He has hospitalized from February 5 to February 22. Contacts, staff, and patients are being isolation. Further whereabouts are under investigation.


In Busan, 4 cases linked with Shincheonji Church of Jesus(Religious sect) and 3 cases linked with Busan Onchun church out of the total 7 cases have been confirmed.


- The case (a Korean male, born in 2001), a son of Wuhan evacuee is one of the confirmed case of Busan Onchun church. With consideration of onset of symptom(Feb. 19), epidemiological investigations may have resulted in exposure to religious events. The father of the case, a Wuhan evacuee tested positive on February 22.


In Daegu, the member list of Shincheonji Church of Jesus(Religious sect) have been identified and take a action for them with checking symptom and keeping in self-quarantine.



- The investigation has conducted on the total 510 patients with pneumonia over 19 years of age who were admitted to the area of Shincheonji Church of Jesus. And 2 cases were confirmed on this investigation.


- As the number of COVID-19 cases exploding in Daegu area, more wards of hospital for isolation (246 wards at Kymeong Dongsan hospital, 274 wards at Daegu medical center) and more health professionals (public health doctors, medical officer, etc) will be allocated.


In Gwangju, 7 additional cases have been confirmed. These cases are linked with Shincheonji Church of Jesus and the further epidemiological investigation is underway.


In Gyeongbuk province, 3th death cases(a Korean male, born in 1963) from COVID-19 is reported. The case has hospitalized for a long time and he died of worsened pneumonia, and it is under investigation the linkage of COVID-19.


- 18 cases of the 39 who traveled to Israel pilgrimage from February 8 to February 16 were confirmed. 21 are being tested. And catholic church who got confirmed cases stop having a religious event till March 13.


KCDC urges that those who have attended the Shincheonji’s services, family of the Shincheonji member or anyone who came in close contact with them on February have closely monitored and advised to get a consultation with a local health center or KCDC Call Center 1339 when having fever or respiratory symptoms.


It is recommended to minimize gathering events and outdoor activities as people with chronic disease and over 65 years old are vulnerable to infection.


Korea government has raised the COVID-19 alert level to the highest of ‘Red’ to strengthen the overall response system.

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