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The updates on COVID-19 in Korea as of 22 February
  • Date2020-02-22 16:37
  • Update2020-02-22 16:37
  • DivisionDivision of Risk Assessment and International Cooperation
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The Updates of COVID-19 in Republic of Korea

As of 22 February, 2020


Compared to yesterday morning (09:00, 21 February, 2020), 190 additional cases are confirmed, which brings the total number of confirmed cases to 346. 327 confirmed cases are currently in isolation, 13,794 turned out to be negative, and 5,481 are being tested. The 25th case will be released from isolation today.


(since 3 January)


Confirmed cases

Suspected cases








being tested

tested negative

As of 9:00,

22 Feb.











Out of 190 newly confirmed cases, 84 and 92 are linked with Shincheonji Church of Jesus (Religious sect) and Cheongdo Daenam Hospital respectively; 14 are currently under investigation.

- 169 of the total number of confirmed cases (48.8%) fall into Shinchoenji cluster and 108 (31.2%) into Cheongdo Daenam Hospital cluster.


A rapid response team, sent to Daegu, is conducting epidemiological investigation and environmental disinfection on the Shincheonji cluster. The Shincheonji members have been monitored for the symptoms, and they get tested upon the onset of symptoms. Also, their travel history is being investigated.


- Most of the cases in the cluster developed symptoms either from 7 to 10 February or from 14 to 18 February. It is therefore assumed that infection had occurred before 7 February, and the first onset was shown around 7th and the second around 14th after incubation period. This suggests the possibility of a limited but continuous transmission through Sunday services or gatherings every week.


- People who have attended the services and gatherings around this period, therefore, were closely monitored and advised to get a consultation with a local health center or KCDC Call Center 1339 when having fever or respiratory symptoms. They should go to a triage health center when necessary.


- Furthermore, family of the Shincheonji member or anyone who came in close contact with them are advised to stay indoor to prevent any possible secondary infection. They should consult with a local health center or KCDC Call Center as well if having suspected symptoms.


It is recommended for residents in Daegu to minimize gathering events and outdoor activities.


KCDC also released an interim report on the epidemiological investigation on the cases in Cheongdo Daenam Hospital cluster. The entire patient and staff at the hospital are currently being investigated. 111 out of 256 have been confirmed so far.


- The confirmed cases were mainly from psychiatric ward. The cases in psychiatric ward are under cohort-isolation, and anyone with a sign of pneumonia is referred to other hospitals for treatment in isolation. National Center for Mental Health will send healthcare workers to take care of the cases in the ward. The cases in general ward will be discharged if tested negative. They will be in self-quarantine afterwards. The second deceased case is a Korean female, born in 1965. She was a long-term patient at the hospital. She developed fever on 11 February and passed away due to pneumonia.

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