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10 Center for Genome Science

In order to realize precision medicine, the Center for Genome Science establishes a base for genome study in Korea by collecting Korean epidemiological and clinical information and bio resources, producing genome information and disclosing and distributing the information for use in the study of genetic and epidemiological characteristics.

For the purpose of the improvement of national health through precision medicine as well as disease prediction and prevention, the Center for Genome Science extensively collects Korean epidemiological information and bio resources, produces high-quality genome information and discloses and distributes the information. To that end, it operates the Korean Genome and Epidemiology Study (KoGES) and the Korea Biobank Center. It actively studies disease-related genomes by analyzing Koreans’ genetic and epidemiological characteristics. The base for genome study established by the Center for Genome Science is also being utilized in the study of disease-related genomes in Korea. The Center for Genome Science contributes to the activation of public health and medical studies for disease prevention and customized precision medical technology development.

Center for Genome Science table - divistion of, objective
Division of Objective
Epidemiology & Health Index
  • Plan and conduct the Korean Genome and Epidemiology Study (KoGES)
  • Develop index of health, disease and biomarkers
  • Standardize government-dominated cohort and develop quality management strategy
  • Develop health improvement technology in accordance with life cycle, region and disease susceptibility
  • Undertake other matters not under the direct supervision of other divisions
Bio-Medical Informatics
  • Develop, collect, analyze, and manage healthcare and life sciences information
  • Develop and operate disease genetic information system
  • Collect and manage research data of disease genomics and pathogenic microorganism genomics
  • Provide public service of healthcare and life sciences information
  • Perform R&D in associated with epidemiology, medicine, and bioinformatics
Genome Research
  • Produce of a large-scale Korean genome information, quality control on genomic data, and obtain genomic analysis technology and its related support
  • Study to identify genetic and epigenetic factors responsible for various diseases
  • Establish standard guideline of OMICS(genome, epigenome, metabolome, and transcriptome) and its data release
  • Perform collaborative research with domestic and foreign research institutes in the area of genomics in health and medical areas, and its related support
  • Establish standards of genome analysis technologies
Biobank for Health Sciences
  • Establish and operate Korea Biobank Project (KBP)
  • Operate and management of National Biobank of Korea
  • Support health care R&D based on human resources
  • Support development and operation of Biospecimen Information Management System(BIMS)
  • Undertake other matters associated with human bioresource management
Life Science Research Management
  • Investigate and analyze and collect information on bioethics and safety
  • Work on designation, registration, approvement, and report of institutions regarding bioethics
  • Operate KCDC institutional review booard
  • Manage embryonic and somatic cell researchs
Medical Science Knowledge Management
  • Collect, organize, preserve, and provide materials and literature information in the health and medical science library
  • Establish and operate information system for management of research data in associated with health and medical science
  • Establish and operate health and medical science library and e-library
  • Undertake other matters of studying, improving, and operating knowledge management system in the fields of health and medical science