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Second Official Announcement on
  • Date2017-06-27 10:10
  • Update2019-07-11 14:23
  • DivisionBacterial Diseases
  • Tel043-719-8115
The Korea National Institute of Health (KNIH), a research organization under the Korea Center for Disease Control and Prevention, is devoted to the promotion of Public health through disease prevention and eradication and of social security through the reduced risk of disease outbreak
To prevent human water and food-borne disease, an international cooperation is one of the most important activities for ensuring global health securities. As an advanced guard point of health security, the KNIH participates in international cooperative activities for Asian countries to tightening health networks.
Fortunately, there was no striking outbreak of water-borne and food-borne diseses during last several months, even though some country has still sporadic cases. To facilitate international cooperation on AI diagnosis and research, KCDC has a plan to support Asian colleague's laboratory.
This Cooperative work is merely small step, but toward to safety of global future. Recipients (Country) are expected to take an advantage of opportunities such as cooperative research activities with shared friendship and mutual exchange of ideas and materials, which will be launched from 2017.

[Details of the fund]
1. Title : South-east Asia Collaborating Center for Food-borne and Water-borne Disease Pathogens Research
2. Funding: Total annual cost should be less than $90,000 (maximum $270,000/3y) and final budget will be adjusted in accordance with importance of the research proposal(s).
3. Research period: Maximum 3 Years (An annual proposal is also available)
- Research period of this year should be 6 month after contraction (Project should be started July, 2017)
4. Field of Interesting:
▷ Pathogens(EHEC, Shigella spp, Vibrio cholerae, S.Typhi, S.Paratyphi))
- Isolation of causative agent, serotyping, antimicrobial resistance test
- PCR of Toxin gene
- Material transfer to KCDC
5. Eligibility of Applicant: Must have Ph.D or MD.
6. Affiliation: Government Institute or University.
7. Reporting system
Documentation of the research project will be announced after decision of granting.

The Application should be written in English and submitted before 3, July, 2017 via e-mail and Air mail also.

[General Notice for Application]
■ Research proposal should summit until 3, July. 2017. via electronic submission (E-mail).
■ Format of E-submission should be MS word in English version. (OOO.Doc)
■ The original documents (Government seal stamped, 10 copy) should be sent via air mail to following address after e-submission

Division of Bacterial Disease
187, Osongsaengmyeong 2-ro, Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Center
for Laboratory Control of Infectious Diseases, Korea Center for Disease
Control and Prevention, Korea
TEL : +82-43-719-8111 FAX : +82-43-719-8149
E-MAIL : bhkang11@korea.kr
This public work may be used under the terms of the public interest source + commercial use prohibition + nonrepudiation conditions This public work may be used under the terms of the public interest source + commercial use prohibition + nonrepudiation conditions