Latest POCOG Statement on Norovirus

Current situation

- 128 confirmed cases of Norovirus (01 Feb - 08 Feb)
- 42 new cases today (08 Feb)
- 34 of these are security staff at the Horeb Youth Centre. These people have been quarantined and are being monitored in order to prevent any risk of spreading.

- Those with negative test results at the above location have been released from quarantine and have returned to work.

- 8 of the 42 new cases are from the Gangneung and PyeongChang areas. They have been quarantined and a survey is underway to understand the source of the infection.

Measures taken

- Implementation of hygiene inspections by relevant organisations on accommodation, restaurants, drinking and tap water, and water purification plants (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, Ministry of Environment, Gangwon Province, medical facilities, Gangwon Institute of Health and Environment, etc.).

- Monitoring of diarrhea patients and continuous epidemiological survey of those with similar symptoms (Korea Center for Disease Control, local health centres).

- Promotion of preventive measures such as distribution of hand sanitizers at major facilities, hand washing, etc.